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Tomino Acido

TOMINO ACIDO is a fresh, soft cheese produced from acidic and rennet coagulations of pasteurized cows’ milk. It is completely rindless and is shaped like a small log. It is white and has a spreadable consistency. Its smell and flavor are that of fresh milk with an increasing acid tone. Similar in texture to cream cheese its taste is reminiscent of Greek yogurt.

  • Shape and Dimensions:  round logs with a diameter of 4 inches
  • Color: creamy white
  • Flavor: Acidic and fine
  • Odor: Fine, delicate
  • Rind: Rindless
  • Consistency: Fine and soft, without holes and spreadable
  • Ingredients: Pasteurized whole Jersey cows’ milk, cultures, rennet, salt
  • Allergens: Cows’ milk and lactose
  • Shelf Life: 30 days from packaging day
  • Directions: Keep refrigerated. The whey inside the plastic packaging is typical of this fresh cheese.

History: Tomino Acido is a traditional style of fresh, soft cheese from the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. This cheese has never been that much noted by non-native Italian cheese consumers. Never-the-less its production has always been relevant to natives of the region. Its name comes from the French Tome and then turned into Tomino (small tome) due to its small size. When the cheese is fresh it has a pleasant smell, not too intense, redolent of milk with a sense of yogurt.  The typical way Tomino Acido is served in Italy is with a two type of green sauces: the farmer (parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper, anchovies and bread crumbs) and the landowner (adding capers, boiled egg, aromatic herbs, tomato paste, pickles) sauces. Another common way is to serve then with a red spicy sauce made of red pepper, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, vinegar salt and garlic.  It’s a perfect light meal served with a nice crusty bread. You can be creative because the possibilities with Tomino Acido are endless…Tomino Acido is also ideal for spreading. It is excellent served alongside a salad, as a snack with crackers or bread, or as topping for bruschetta or grilled meats. On a pizza, makes an interesting substitute for ricotta cheese.

Tumino Cheese Company makes its cheese from locally sourced Jersey cow milk from the Lawton  Jersey Farm in Newark Valley. You will find Tomino Acido a refreshing and unique cheese. We would like to share a recipe from Battista Locatelli—our mentoring cheese maker. He calls this Involtini Della Zia Bella (Rolls by the Beautiful Aunt). These are appetizer rolls his Aunt makes for the family (she is very beautiful, as children they called her Zia Bella). Ingredients: Bresaola (or Speck or Prosciutto), sliced thin; 4 oz. Tumino Cheese Company Tomino Acido; dash of salt, grinding of pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (all stirred together). Spread the cheese mixture in a roll on the bresaola; wrap the bresaola around it—eat!  Pair with a white, fruity and acidic wine or a spumante.