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Kidders is a creamy take on the traditional young Toma. We have adapted our signature Toma to use whole fat Jersey cow milk to which we have added whole Tellicherry Peppercorns. The buttery richness of the milk creates a softer, creamier curd that is nicely offset by the warm spiciness of black pepper. We especially like the way the cheese balances the heat of the pepper when you chance to bite one. As a young toma, the natural rind is delightfully redolent of mushrooms. It pairs very well with chardonnays and peppery reds.  A very mild cheese, Kidders melts beautifully in recipes.

History:  Tomas originated in the Alpine region of Italy as a way to preserve milk produced during the abundant spring and summer pasture months. Pepper is more frequently found in cheese from the warmer parts of Italy. We combined traditions of each region to merge the history of Italy.

Kidders is aged from 30 to 90 days, depending on the cultures used. This cheese remains mild in flavor sometimes developing a delicious funkiness to the rind as it ages. Kidders may be purchased as a whole wheel, weighing 3 to 4 lbs. or as a part wheel wedge. To order this cheese go to the  Kidders-Jersey Page in the Buy Cheese Section

Kidders Landing was the port on the western side of Cayuga Lake for the Busy Bee Ferry operated by Captain James Quick between the 1800-1900s. Originally powered by wind and horse, the ferry was a coal powered steam engine in its later years. The peppercorns of our Kidders cheese remind us of the black coal. The old steamboat is sunk just off Kidder’s Point in front of the Busy Bee Store and can be seen when the lake is clear.