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Captain Ogden

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Captain Ogden is a hard, aged part-skim, cows’ milk cheese made in the style of the Italian Toma. The best way to describe the flavor is to say it tastes like a very good, aged provolone—Italians call it piccante. With its good bite and strong flavor, it is not only a natural with big reds but is a great beer cheese as well. Use it on your charcuterie boards and pair it with fall fruits (I like a chai spiced pear butter) and grainy mustards. The hard and, with age, flaky texture make Captain Ogden a perfect finishing cheese for grating over dishes.

History: Toma; one of the most famous Italian cheeses, dates back to Roman times, but did not become identified by its name until the 11th century. Closely related to the French tomme, the name appears to have come from the old French word “tumer,” meaning to fall or to turn.  Produced primarily in Aosta Valleys and Piedmont regions of Northern Italy, Toma is a perfect table cheese.

Captain Ogden is aged  180 days and more, depending on the cultures used. The younger cheese will be mild and creamy, it grows in piquancy as it ages. This cheese may be purchased as a whole wheel, weighing 4 to 5 lbs. or as a part wheel wedge. To order, go to Buy Cheese

Captain Ogden was one of the first settlers and considered the first businessman in what is now King Ferry. Owner of the first hotel, generations of “Captain” Ogdens were active farmers and businessmen in Cayuga County. We like the association of a serious name with our piccante, longest aged cheese.